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Flitvale Garden Centre Ltd

Flitwick Road


MK45 5AA

Tel: 01525 712484

Opening hours:

Monday- Saturday

0900- 1730





 -  The festive season is also creeping up on us, therefore our Christmas                                  

      stock is now on sale!              

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Welcome to Flitvale Garden Centre.


Flitvale Garden Centre is an independent, family run garden centre based in Westoning. It was established in 2002 and our aim is to provide high quality products to a diverse range of customers.


Currently Flitvale offers a Farm Shop, Coffee Shop, Pet Shop, Florist and Garden Centre.

Why not pop in store and have a look at some fantastic offers and extensive selection of plants we now have in stock.  Maybe even treat yourself to a new set of furniture, we have some amazing prices on our garden furniture ready for those summer evenings in the garden.




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